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Android Developer
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Real-Time Analytics is a consulting & technology firm providing innovative management solutions to business, development organizations, and government agencies.
Our extensive background in academic research methods and high technological capability produces comprehensive solutions to address a wide range of issues encountered by our partners globally. We develop SAAS platform including and

- Annual leave and Insurance following the Labor Law
- Free food & beverage during working time. We offer you the best speciality coffee in Vietnam
- Joining Company trips and team building activities
- Financial support for sport activities
- Opportunities for receiving free stocks and stock options

- Develop features and fix bugs. You will write clean code with JAVA, KOTLIN, SQL, ELASTICSEARCH, JS, HTML, CSS. You know what Clean Code means, right? If not, this book is for you:
- Identify problems to be solved. That's right, you need to be able to identify problems because you develop products.
- Support teammates.

- Be a good listener
- Be able to say what you want clearly and directly
- Be nice and polite in all your workplace communications
- Be confident in your interactions with other teammates
- Be able to listen to the other teammates and respect their opinions
- Be open to listening to and understanding the other person's point of view
- Be able to convey respect for teammates
- Be able to appropriately give and receive feedback
- Be able to pick the right medium
- Pay attention to detail
- Have the ability to plan and organize
- Have customer service orientation

Expire on: 22:00:00 ngày 31/12/2022

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